Behind the Soap

Soapmaking began back in 1994 as a hobby for me. However, it didn’t take long before I realized I wanted this “hobby” to be my business. I was always striving to find the perfect scent for my next batch of soap or bath bombs. It was frustrating to find the right fragrance to hold scent, not discolor, and just plain work well in my soap recipes. After a few years of doing this I started a Facebook group; Soapmaking with Lisa, and it began.

I started selling fragrance oils, essential oils, and other products needed to make your own bath and body creations. I even began to dabble in candle making fragrances. All of my products go through a rigorous testing process for things such as discoloration, acceleration, and others. I make the results of these tests available so that my clients know what they are purchasing.

I do my best to listen to my customers’ feedback and adjust my business accordingly to fit their needs. Our products are of the highest quality and we do our best to keep our prices low. Give us a try, I know you won’t be disappointed.